Reaccredited by NAAC (3rdCycle) with 'A+' grade (CGPA 3.57).    Selected as "College with Potential for excellence" by UGC.      Selected under STAR scheme by DBT.     Selected for FIST by DST.     ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

About :

The Animation department on YCIS strikes prefect balance between technology and art, the ever evolving trends and changing technology are integrated seamlessly in the design process; the decade old department has been churning out talent every year. The silent philosophy, that is followed in YCIS, treats animation as an extension of life and communication and thus extension of us being, the things we cannot express in words can /are expressed through moving images. Transcendence of information through magical and transformational properties of animation and a vivid and kaleidoscopic display of the same is what is more significant to us imitating life in general . Stories , poetry , mood, dreams, prose’s and verses everything has a potential to take on a physical form , either of a single image or that of several images depending on the complexity.

The department takes on a broader perspective as it is a communication design course, the responsibility here is multi layered where we use design to solve social problems and try to make this world a better place. The student are sensitized to their environment, are allowed to observe life and find ways to take cognizance of problems which are often overlooked and at times not even identified, because they are so closely integrated into everyday life. The same problems are then addressed through design solutions –comics or films. The creative processes are supported by state of art lab which amalgamates both creative and technical facets of the program. The Faculties in the Department of animation are driving the course and contributing to the ever evolving curriculum, the staff room is a melting pot of academic and industry experience thus brings along a lot of credibility and gravitas.

Faculty :

Teaching Section :

 Dr. H. P. Umap
 Assistant Professor,(H.O.D)
 Qualification :  M.Sc., Ph.D.
 Experience :  19 Years
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 Mr. Bhamabure Rhushikesh Vasant
 Assistant Professor ,Incharge
 Qualification :  M.Sc – Animation Science
 Experience :  7 years 6 months
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 Mrs. Khadilkar Shweta S.
 Assistant Professor
 Qualification :  M.Sc.(Computer Science)
 Experience :  UG-3 years 6 months, PG-4 years
 Email ID :  -----------

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 Mrs. Pawar Pradnya Bhimrao
 Assistant Professor
 Qualification :  M.C.M
 Experience :  6 years 7 months
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 Ms. More Sharmila Sharad
 Assistant Professor
 Qualification :  MCA(Science),Ph.D(Pursuing)
 Experience :   UG-3 years 6 months, PG-4 years
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 Ms. Dhumal Sonali Pralhad
 Assistant Professor
 Qualification :  M.C.A.(Engineering)
 Experience :  1 years 2 months
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 Ms.Mane Tejashri P
 Assistant Professor
 Qualification :  M.E.(Computer Engineering)
 Experience :  3 months
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At present department have one a staff room and one laboratory with 25 computers and 40 light boxes .

List of Rank Holders B.Sc.III(2013-14)List of Rank Holders B.Sc.III(2014-15)
Mountain View Mountain View
Mountain View Mountain View Mountain View Mountain View

University Rankers :

Sr. No. Year Class Percentage(%)
1 2013-14 B.Sc.-I 91.89%
2 2014-15 B.Sc.-I 80.00%
3 2014-15 B.Sc.-II 94.73%
4 2015-16 B.Sc.-I 88.73%
5 2015-16 B.Sc.-II 94.63%
6 2015-16 B.Sc.-III 96.56%
7 2016-17 B.Sc.-I 81.33%
8 2016-17 B.Sc.-II 91.87%
9 2016-17 B.Sc.-III 98.73%